Renewable Energy Production

New Mexico should be the global leader in renewable energy. As a state we must commit to 100% renewable energy electric generation.

As Commissioner, I will ambitiously increase the production of renewable energy on state trust lands. This is a core component of my vision for the office.

With 9 million acres of state trust lands scattered throughout the state, the State Land Office must be at the forefront of a renewable energy revolution in New Mexico.

Comprehensive planning and collaboration are critical if we are to reach a state renewable energy portfolio in excess of 50% by 2030. Bringing together the best and brightest NGO minds, industry leaders, and forward thinking elected officials to actually draft an updated and comprehensive plan is critical in order to fast track the implantation of such a plan. For the renewable energy industry, the State Land Office is arguably the best business partner for an ambitious and visionary large scale renewable investment in the state. The NM Commissioner of Public Lands has the flexibility to allow industry to build out their infrastructure with reduced initial land lease expenses and only begin paying the Land Office when they are actually producing energy. This is a huge incentive for the industry.

As Commissioner, I will also play a personal, active role in lobbying the legislature to push through an ambitious renewable energy portfolio standard. The Commissioner, the Governor, legislative leadership, PRC members, and congressional delegates will all need to work together to reach our common goals. This will take close communication and collaboration if our high goals are to be realized, and I look forward to playing a strong role in this collaboration.

Building to scale will also require collaboration with Tribes, the Department of the Interior, and private landowners, especially when it comes to the planning and placement of new utility lines. Infrastructure build out and line placement must meet high environmental standards that mitigate habitat degradation/fragmentation and other related impacts.

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