Garrett’s Vision

Commit to increased funding for education, including responsibly increasing the annual distribution of the Land Grant Permanent Fund specifically for pre-k through 12

Elevate oversight and expand accountability and transparency measures to end the culture of backroom deals in the State Land Office

Exponentially increase production of renewable energy on state trust lands

Boost rural economies by amplifying access to public lands for recreation, hiking, hunting and camping

Exploring new, creative and diversified ways for the State Land Office to generate income for the institutions it serves

Hands Off! Our Public Lands

Opposition to the transfer of national public lands to the states has been my personal issue for over a decade. From leading annual public lands rallies in the state capitol to confronting the Bundy Gang at Malheur, this issue is near and dear to my heart.

Learn more about specific issues:

Renewable Energy Production

Eco Tourism and Recreation

Wildlife Protection and Management

The Border Wall

Transparency and Accountability



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